Flashback Rules

Flashback Fantasy competitions are same as Live Fantasy competitions but consist of real matches that were played in the past (Flashbacks).
How to Pay
1. Flashback competitions are run on a regular basis at the discretion of the operator
2. Flashback competitions are clearly indicated as Flashback Competitions on the service
3. Subscribers pick players from the real teams that played in each competition’s flashback matches
4. The teams included in each competition are displayed for upcoming competitions
5. The players available for selection are displayed for upcoming competitions
6. The actual flashback matches (team vs team) and match dates are revealed once the competition kicks-off
7. Every player’s past performance is reproduced by processing the data from each flashback match
8. Fantasy points are earned as usual
9. Prizes are won based on the final leader board

1. Competition consist of a combination of fixtures from different days, weeks and seasons.
2. All flashback matches kick-off at the competition start time.
3. All flashback matches run simultaneously.
4. All flashback matches run for the duration of the original match (90 mins plus stoppage time).